Low Stress

Does your pet get stressed or have anxiety going to the vet?

One thing that sets Family Pet Hospital apart is our low stress approach to care. We strive to reduce the stress of coming to the veterinary hospital to improve overall wellness of the patient, allow for a thorough, accurate health assessment and provide a safe environment. We want your pet to enjoy coming for visits to the vet!

Here are some of the ways we make visits fun for your pet:

  1. Dog and cat specific exam rooms. Since dogs and cats sense the world in different ways. Smells can greatly contribute to fear and anxiety. We try and reduce the stress of smells from other species by separating cats and dogs into their own exam rooms.
  2. Treats are always welcome! One way we encourage positive encounters at our office is by providing multiple different options for treats and goodies. Treats can be a good distraction during an exam, or be used to comfort a nervous patient during or after the exam and diagnostics. Providing treats during this stressful time can help make the trip to the vet easier and possibly enjoyable for your pet! Treats can help your pet associate us with something positive.
  3. Our exam rooms have fountains that provide a soft, quiet, and relaxing mood to encourage our patients and clients alike to relax and be more comfortable. We also play soft music that is calming.
  4. Calming pheromones for dogs and cats are diffused in our exam rooms. These pheromones send “comforting messages” to your pet to help keep anxiety levels down.
  5. Design of our exam rooms. Our exam tables are specifically designed to fold down in order for us to have more room on the floor to interact with your pet. By sitting/kneeling on the floor with your pet we are meeting them on their terms rather than standing over them. This allows us to appear less threatening.
  6. For certain situations we may recommend trying sedation or a sedating medication for your pet. Some pets cannot help but be anxious at the vet due to prior experience, health condition, pain, or personality. For these patients, we may recommend some type of sedation or relaxing medication. This can help the patient feel at ease and not associate going to the vet with a traumatic experience.

All of these techniques help us try to create a positive veterinary experience for your pet! Please feel free to call anytime to set up an appointment at Family Pet Hospital.

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