Fleas and Ticks: What you need to know

When the sun starts to peek out more and more frequently, Coloradians are eager to get out and about. The hiking trails get busier, campgrounds fill up and we Longmonsters are no different! As we and our pets get more and more active throughout the summer months, so too does the risk of fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks are small arthropods that feed on blood from mammal hosts; many of which find our dogs to be the perfect hosts. These pesky creatures can be a danger to our pets in a number of ways. Fleas can cause anemia (low

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Preparing for Your Pet’s Vet Success in 2021

If we learned one lesson in 2020 it is that HEALTH IS WEALTH! This sentiment extends as much to our furry family members as it does to our human ones. As we move into 2021, let’s make getting our beloved dogs and cats the care they need a little bit easier with some tips and tricks to help make your next vet trip as enjoyable as possible for all involved. Prepare your pet’s carrier in advanced: When planning for your vet trip, bring out your pet’s carrier at least a week before your appointment is scheduled. This allows for your

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1885 meets 2030: 145 years and one cult classic movie later, rabies still the unifier

“He had been struck by something, possibly destiny, or fate, or only a degenerative nerve disease called rabies…”  -Stephen King, Cujo, 1981 King, Stephen. Cujo. Portland, Maine, Viking Press, September 8, 1981. For many of us horror movie aficionados, when we think of rabid animals, one dog comes to mind; Cujo. For those less versed in 1980 horror films, Cujo (1983) was a character created by the mind of Stephen King; a young canine wreaking havoc on a small town after being bitten by a bat. Cujo morphs from man’s best friend to their worst nightmare tormenting his family with

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September 2020 is National Suicide Prevention Month; Do pets play a role in prevention?

At the end of a long day, coming home to a wagging tail or a purring kitty can turn a bad day into a manageable one. As pet owners, we have all had those moments where our furry companions are more than dogs or cats; they are our confidants, our therapists, and undoubtedly our biggest fans. We have also had those moments where our happiness is directly related to how much time we get to spend with our faithful fur babies. Not only is this a relatable feeling among pet owners, but this theory is actually backed by science. It

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Dr-cross-family-pet-hospital-veterinarian (1)

An Exciting New Addition to Family Pet Hospital

Welcome Dr. Rebecca Cross Family Pet Hospital is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Rebecca Cross to the medical staff. A graduate of Texas A&M, Dr. Cross brings nearly fifteen years of experience to Family Pet Hospital. Sharing a passion for emergency medicine and surgery, Dr. Cross and Dr. Abernathy met at an emergency animal hospital in Northern Colorado and became fast friends. After leaving the emergency hospital and practicing general veterinary medicine for a few years, Dr. Cross found herself at Heska Laboratories assisting veterinarians all over the state in diagnosing rare and difficult cases. Ready to be

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dog goes to family pet hospital for pain management

Pain Management in Pets (Including Acupuncture)

We never like to see a loved one in pain, regardless if that loved one is a human being or a pet. Many people know how to manage pain in humans but find themselves unsure of what to do when – or even how to tell if – their dog or cat is in pain. Let’s take a closer look at how pets demonstrate their pain as well as how pain can be managed in pets. How to Recognize Pain in Pets Since our dogs and cats can’t verbally tell us when they are in pain, we have to look

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