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New places can be very scary for our four legged friends! Our goal at Family Pet Hospital is to provide a safe, friendly, and happy environment. We strive to minimize stress and anxiety. Your pet may even have a fun time while getting their check up.

low stress vet visit begins when you make your first appointment. Please let us know if there are any special needs that your pet may have: Does your pet get nervous around other dogs or cats? If your dog is afraid of other dogs, calling when you get to the parking lot allows us to clear the lobby prior to your pet entering the hospital.

If you have any records from a previous vet it is recommended to bring them with you so we have a complete medical history of your pet’s vaccination and medical health. We are happy to call and get this information for you prior to your visit if that is easier for you.

Preparing for your Veterinary Visit

Below is information that might be helpful when bringing your beloved pets to our Veterinary clinic in Longmont

For dogs:

  1. Bring your dog on a leash even if your pet is being carried. Ensure that your pet’s collar fits well whenever your dog leaves your house. Dogs can sometimes “back”out of their collar at the least expected time.
  2. When you arrive at Family Pet Hospital with your dog, our Client Care Professional will assist you in getting your pet’s weight, then direct you and your pet to an exam room.

For cats:

  1. Bringing your cat in a carrier is a very important way to reduce stress. Setting your cat’s carrier out several days before the appointment can really help him or her get used to the carrier.
  2. Another tip for transporting to the hospital is to cover your cat’s carrier with a lightweight blanket after he or she is in the carrier. Keep this blanket covering the carrier while in the car as well. This reduces “visual stimulus” and makes the car ride much less frightening.
  3. When you arrive at Family Pet Hospital, you and your cat will be escorted into our FELINE ONLY ROOM. You are welcome to remove the blanket, but please leave your cat in the carrier until the Veterinary Assistant has come into the room. This lets your cat get the “lay of the land” before exploring.

Once in a veterinary exam room, your Client Care Professional will give you some paperwork to fill out. They will also take a picture of your pet for his or her medical record.

Next, your Veterinary Assistant will be in to ask some questions about what is going on with your pet, what your pet eats, any symptoms your pet may be experiencing and answer any questions you may have before the doctor arrives.

All new patients will need a “Nose to Tail” exam with the doctor. Your doctor will discuss the exam as it is happening and point out any changes that may be affecting your pet’s health. She will look in your pet’s mouth to assess your pet’s oral health, as well. Please feel free to ask questions! You know your pet better than anyone. Don’t be shy. Let your doctor know if you have any areas that are concerning.

After your pet’s exam, the doctor will answer any questions, discuss findings of the exam and make a plan for the next steps. The Veterinary Assistant will provide a treatment plan prior to collecting any needed samples and administer vaccinations.

For preventive care exams, your Veterinary Assistant will provide a sheet that outlines a recommended treatment plan based on your pet’s age, vaccination history, lifestyle, medical history, and needs. All plans are completely customized for your pet and aim to provide a clear plan for the appointment with clearly defined prices, as well as future treatments. Our goal is to work together to find the best plan for you and your pet.

Some things you may notice that are different about Family Pet Hospital examinations:

  1. We like to work on the floor. This is much more comfortable for you pet. We have “flip up” exam tables in all of our rooms to give the option of examining your pet where THEY are most comfortable.
  2. We don’t take your pet’s temperature the “dreaded” way for routine exams. Unless absolutely required, we take your pet’s temperature from their “armpit”.
  3. Get ready for treats! The staff of Family Pet Hospital knows that one of the best ways to win over pets is through their taste buds. We offer lots of small “tastes” of a variety of treats so that your pet is less worried, is distracted during exams and has fun at the vet.
  4. We always try and work in your pet’s comfort zone! If anything we are doing seems too stressful for your pet, we will discuss ways of reducing fear and anxiety. We have lots of “tricks up our sleeves” to make your pet as comfortable as possible.

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