Taking a dog or cat to the vet is typically accompanied by some sort of distressing sign.  Whether it’s panting, pacing, hiding, vomiting, scratching, slobbering, whining, or howling, the experience sends some animals into a downright fit.  The stress continues when they arrive for their veterinary appointment:  Dragging your dog through the door or wrestling your cat out of a carrier can be miserable for pet and owner alike.  

In 2015, when Dr. Molly Abernathy opened Family Pet Hospital, a low-stress focused veterinary clinic in Longmont, CO, she wanted a place that both fur baby and fur parent looked forward to visiting–a place that didn’t intimidate the patient or frustrate the owner.  As a result, one of Family Pet Hospital’s most important missions is to make your visit with us as low-stress as possible.

Cats and dogs are just like people when it comes to medical care–unique and more than just a set of symptoms.  Every patient has different needs, wants, and fears. Whether it’s fear of the stethoscope, the need to have mom and dad around, or even needing to stay outdoors for the exam, we construct our approach to your individual pet because a happier pet is a healthier pet.

Keeping your animal as comfortable as possible helps keep stress levels as low as possible.  For example, our medical staff likes to get down on the floor with your companion instead of forcing them onto an exam table where they may slip and slide, becoming more nervous and more uncomfortable.  For this reason, we also avoid using rectal thermometers whenever possible. We also try to ensure the interaction our veterinary staff has with your animal is as positive as possible.  This approach reinforces trust and bonding between your fur baby and our medical staff.  

Just like our care, our animal hospital is also specifically designed with the low-stress approach in mind!  When visiting Family Pet Hospital, you will find that we have specific rooms tailored to dogs and cats.  Our feline only room is equipped with all things kitty!  We have a fun box for them to curl up in, cat toys to channel their nervous energy, and treats to nibble on for our more food motivated felines.  In addition, feline appeasing pheromones filter throughout the room to create a calming effect for each kitty that passes through our doors. Most importantly, this is a strictly cats only veterinary room; no dogs allowed!

For the pooches we have separate canine exam rooms filled to the brim with peanut butter, cheese, and treats galore to tempt even the most nervous of patients.  We often spread cheese or peanut butter right on the hanging exam table so each pup can lick the goody right up and not focus as much on the nurse or doctor’s physical exam.  This especially helps when administering vaccinations.  With treats to focus on, many pups don’t pay much attention to receiving their yearly shots.  Dog appeasing pheromones are also utilized in both of our canine exam rooms to promote tranquility.

At the other end of every pet’s leash is their owner!  Family Pet Hospital not only provides top-notch care to the pets of Longmont, we also take care of the owners who trust us with their animal’s medical needs.  At each vet appointment, we design tailored treatment plans outlining each separate treatment and the cost breakdown, so unexpected charges can be avoided.  Throughout the hospital, you can find fountains and we always have soft, soothing music playing in the background to promote a relaxing atmosphere.  Most importantly, our staff is devoted to making your veterinary visit as low-stress as possible.  Whether it comes to performing treatment for your animal outside of the exam room, having you drop-off your pet to accommodate work hours, or just making sure you have a cold bottle of water to sip on, we are here for you.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to stop by for a visit. We would love to show you around the hospital, have you meet our staff or just stop in to give Walter, our hospital kitty, a few quick scratches.  

Grab a coffee and come on in…

Our Longmont veterinary clinic is located right next to the Starbucks at:

815 East 17th Avenue
Unit C-2
Longmont, CO 80504

Call Family Pet Hospital for more information.  We are happy to speak with you: (303) 485-1285