Tricks and Treats for a Pet Friendly Halloween

Lions, tigers and bears- oh my! Halloween, while fun for our human family members, this busy and strange night can be a frightening annual event for our furry ones. The doorbell rings on and off for hours on end, people are in and out of the home and what is normally a calmer time of …

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Preparing for Your Pet’s Vet Success in 2021

If we learned one lesson in 2020 it is that HEALTH IS WEALTH! This sentiment extends as much to our furry family members as it does to our human ones. As we move into 2021, let’s make getting our beloved dogs and cats the care they need a little bit easier with some tips and …

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September 2020 is National Suicide Prevention Month; Do pets play a role in prevention?

At the end of a long day, coming home to a wagging tail or a purring kitty can turn a bad day into a manageable one. As pet owners, we have all had those moments where our furry companions are more than dogs or cats; they are our confidants, our therapists, and undoubtedly our biggest …

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Our Animal Hospital takes a PAWS-itive Approach to Lowering Stress for Pets and Owners

Taking a dog or cat to the vet is typically accompanied by some sort of distressing sign.  Whether it’s panting, pacing, hiding, vomiting, scratching, slobbering, whining, or howling, the experience sends some animals into a downright fit.  The stress continues when they arrive for their veterinary appointment:  Dragging your dog through the door or wrestling …

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