Let’s talk turkey!

After what is easily the most coveted meal of the season, it may be tempting to share some bites with your furry companions. However, feeding your pets what may be fatty or heavily spiced food can do more harm than good. Fatty food can cause a real risk to animals and bring on serious conditions such as pancreatitis, a gastrointestinal condition in which the pancreas gets inflamed. The turkey carcass poses a particular risk to pets as it is not only tempting but can be dangerous if bones are ingested. Additionally, hidden ingredients like raisins, chocolate or Xylitol, an ingredient commonly found in sugar free food and some peanut butters, are toxic to pets. The best way to ensure your pet has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving is by keeping them safe. Keep the feast away from the beasts and be sure if your pet does get into something they shouldn’t, act quickly and get them the medical care they need as soon as possible. The Pet Poison Helpline is an invaluable resource and can be reached at 855-764-7661. If you are in need of urgent medical care, we recommend Veterinary Emergency Group located at 1905 29th St, Boulder, CO 80301, 720-738-9994 or Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists who are located at 4120 Clydesdale Parkway, Loveland, CO 80538, 970-800-1106. 

Going somewhere? 

For many of us, Thanksgiving means travel. If you’re planning to fly with your pet it is critical to check with your airline to confirm their requirements. Many need a health certificate, specific kennel sizes and have accommodation recommendations. If you’re driving, be sure to keep your pet safe by restraining them in the vehicle and have medications on hand for motion sickness. In any and all cases of travel, having up to date microchip information and current vaccines ensures your pet will travel safely in any circumstance. Need a copy of your pet’s vaccine record? We would be happy to provide– email us at info@familypetlongmont.com

Let’s stay home…

Playing host to your whole family? Anticipating people in and out all day? Let’s be sure your pets are comfortable! If your pet’s get anxious with visitors, be sure they have a safe space to retreat. Keep them in a quiet and cool room with access to plenty of fresh water, litter boxes and endless options to relieve stress whether that’s a scratching post or a lick mat. Calming music or white noise may help dim the hustle and bustle. If you’re concerned these suggestions won’t be enough, let’s see your pet before Thanksgiving and see how we can help ease their anxiety. Call us to schedule at 303-485-1285

Thanksgiving is a time to collect, gather and give thanks. We are beyond grateful for the trust you put in Family Pet Hospital to tend to your loved ones and hope this guide helps you and your fur family enjoy this bountiful season.