As the weather transitions from falling leaves to falling flakes, we may enjoy playing in the snow with our canine companions or snuggling around the fire with our feline friends but nobody enjoys seeing their pets in pain. For many older pets, colder weather equates to an increase in musculoskeletal pain. Thankfully, there are numerous treatments available to address osteoarthritis in animals that are commonly worsened by the cold.  

Dr. Rebecca Cross, Associate Veterinarian here at Family Pet Hospital, recommends numerous options for pain control in pets.  The most common of those being anti-inflammatories and joint supplements. If anti-inflammatories are not the right fit, many canine patients frequently benefit from Adequan; a monthly injection designed to support and renew cartilage in joints that deteriorates with age. Dr. Cross also highly recommends laser therapy and acupuncture as excellent adjunctive therapies with minimal side effects that can be used in every species of pet. 

Family Pet Hospital prides itself on providing cutting edge and low stress treatments such as Solensia for felines and Librella for canines; ideal for aging pets suffering from osteoarthritis. Both are injections that last between 4-6 weeks and work through antibodies that limit the nerve growth factor in osteoarthritis reducing painful inflammation seen in joints. These injections may be significantly helpful in patients who suffer from chronic liver and kidney conditions since Solensia and Librella are processed through proteins versus the liver and kidneys. Ideal for aging patients! 

Unlike the cold in winter, pain in our pets is avoidable! We would love to come up with a tailored treatment plan that best meets not only your pet’s needs but works within your financial boundaries. Call us at 303-485-1285 to schedule with one of our five veterinarians, including Dr. Cross.