Lions, tigers and bears- oh my! Halloween, while fun for our human family members, this busy and strange night can be a frightening annual event for our furry ones. The doorbell rings on and off for hours on end, people are in and out of the home and what is normally a calmer time of day sees a lot of action. For even the most docile of pets, Halloween can be upsetting. So how do we include our animals and make this evening a less stressful one? Below are a few tips and tricks to help make Hallow’s Eve more of a treat:
  1. Include your pets in the fun: Whether this means you add your fur babies to the family costume or you make them a special treat, including your companion can make this night less scary and even fun. For those food motivated pets who opt to stay in, treats like snuffle mats and lick pads make great brain stimulation, whereas pets who are more outgoing may enjoy dressing up and taking to the streets for trick-or-treating. Just be sure your pet is up to date on their vaccinations, restrained safely when leaving the home, and any costumes worn do not obstruct their vision and fit well. Supervision for any of the activities is recommended. 
  2. No tricky treats!: Pet toxicity cases rise around Halloween due to the accessibility of candy. Be sure to keep a close eye on any sweet treats and keep it away from your pets. Products containing xylitol, chocolate, raisins and other common candy additives are toxic to animals. If your pet does ingest something they shouldn’t, they should be immediately taken to a local emergency vet or call the Pet Poison Helpline at 855-764-7661 for further direction. 
  3. Respect their needs: For some of our pets, the best way to make Halloween a happy one is to leave them out of it entirely. Containing them in a safe space like a kennel, crate or enclosed room is the best way to keep them calm, happy and feeling secure. Try turning on soothing music or white noise to help mitigate the disturbance of the doorbell or opt out of the festivity altogether and keep your porch lights off. For those pet’s who may require a little more help with their anxiety, call us at 303-485-1285 so we can assist further. Your pet’s emotional safety is as important as their physical safety.
It is our hope, with these tips and tricks Family Pet Hospital can help your whole family enjoy a happy and healthy Halloween!