Leptospirosis: Is My Pet at Risk?

Leptospirosis – how to know if your pet is at risk Pets need to be vaccinated against many diseases and bacteria. Leptospirosis is often on the list of vaccinations which your pet is encouraged to receive by their veterinarian.  But what exactly is leptospirosis and how does it wreak havoc on your pet’s body? What …

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Our Animal Hospital takes a PAWS-itive Approach to Lowering Stress for Pets and Owners

Taking a dog or cat to the vet is typically accompanied by some sort of distressing sign.  Whether it’s panting, pacing, hiding, vomiting, scratching, slobbering, whining, or howling, the experience sends some animals into a downright fit.  The stress continues when they arrive for their veterinary appointment:  Dragging your dog through the door or wrestling …

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Heartworm Prevention Tips

Pets and mosquitos longmont

Heartworm prevention tips from an animal hospital in Longmont, CO Most people have heard about heartworm disease here in Colorado. Heartworm disease affects dogs and cats who have been bitten by an infected mosquito. It can be completely symptomless until significant damage has happened to the heart and lungs. Ultimately, the disease can cause kidney …

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