Tricks and Treats for a Pet Friendly Halloween

Lions, tigers and bears- oh my! Halloween, while fun for our human family members, this busy and strange night can be a frightening annual event for our furry ones. The doorbell rings on and off for hours on end, people are in and out of the home and what is normally a calmer time of …

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Fleas and Ticks: What you need to know

When the sun starts to peek out more and more frequently, Coloradians are eager to get out and about. The hiking trails get busier, campgrounds fill up and we Longmonsters are no different! As we and our pets get more and more active throughout the summer months, so too does the risk of fleas and …

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Leptospirosis: Is My Pet at Risk?

Leptospirosis โ€“ how to know if your pet is at risk Pets need to be vaccinated against many diseases and bacteria. Leptospirosis is often on the list of vaccinations which your pet is encouraged to receive by their veterinarian. ย But what exactly is leptospirosis and how does it wreak havoc on your petโ€™s body? What …

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